March 2012

Soft tones


Colours of spring


Yesterday was one of these amazing days in the spring sun. The snow has started to melt and is now only found in the places where the sun has not yet warmed the ground. The wind was intense this day, gathering more and more speed over the frozen lake. Still I was able to find some places sheltered from the wind where I could capture a glimpse of the early spring, in a time when nature is awakening from its long and cold winter slumber.

The quiet place


This picture was taken on free-hand in poor light conditions, just after dusk. Nothing special about it really. If it wasn’t for one detail; the swan. It reminds me of peace and quiet. After a long day of intensive noise and people walking by, this place is suddenly dead calm. It’s like the swan has been waiting all day long just to float silently on the small lake, with nothing else to worry about.

Looking at this picture I am also reminded that we all need these moments of peace and quiet. Moments where we could simply forget all that is around us and just be who we are. I guess these are the moments that we all are chasing. Moments that we spend almost all of our time trying to find. Chasing so much that we are sometimes too tired to enjoy them.  I’m being a bit philosophic now, I know. But right now, I guess I just found myself in one of these moments…





King & Queen of Sweden